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We are a Multi-Industry Firm serving—small, large, and everything in between. Whether you’re an emerging entrepreneur or an established enterprise, we want to help you succeed.
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Devon Moody-Graham

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Devon Moody-Graham, MBA

Devon Moody-Graham, MBA is a business and community leader dedicated to seeing a positive shift in economic development through entrepreneurship especially in underserved communities. She’s has worked with over 500+ businesses and 15,000 youth and young adults in entrepreneurship and professional training over the last 12 years to bring awareness to the feasibility of wealth-building despite challenges. She has served on a select White House committee on technology and entrepreneurial resource access.

Her talents took her to Paris, France in 2019 to branch her mom community to other areas of the world and inspire others to move forward despite self- doubts. She is the Chief Solutions Officer of CEOMom Empire LLC and Lead Strategist in Business Development to several companies, non-profits, and universities. Her experience and partnerships have brought over $4M in capital to small businesses. Devon created a community for mothers that aspire to start businesses and develop professionally called CEOMom which landing her a spot as a finalist in the SCORE and Sam’s Club America’s Small Business Championship competition in 2018. She inspires others to action.

CEOMom Empire has a staff with over 25 years of strategic marketing and business development in Retail, Food and Beverage, Fashion, Entertainment, Education, Financial Services, Fitness Training, Commercial Development and more.

Devon Moody-Graham

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