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We take a deep dives into the assets in the surrounding community and find common threads to utilize existing systems and create solutions to fill the gaps and reoccurring issues in community progression, access to skills training and business resources. We implement systems to make current community organizations more efficient and effective with service.


We help improve organizational culture by teaching methodologies which foster an innovative welcoming environment where everyone wins. We can provide one workshop or a series depending on the needs of the organization.


With over 500+ one on one Small Business Clients, an extended reach of over 10k with instruction or facilitation in business development. We know how to support microenterprise development in municipalities which available and lacking capital resources. Let me provide a plan to support economic development in your city or town. We can reach and work with your minority business population.

Social Media

Don’t have the time to interact with all of your customers online? How are you going to keep them interested online then? With our Marketing Services Agency, we can work with you to post content on your social media.


You have a great website that’s mobile friendly, but you’re on the second page of Google. That’s the death knell sounding as you won’t see those potential customers even try to engage if you’re not on the first page.


Do you have customers? Then you need a website. More people look online for services and businesses now than ever before – whether on mobile or at home, you need a website for your current and your potential customers

Digital Advertising

We bring the BUZZ to your online advertising with a fully-managed service that will improve retention and revenue.


With Listing Sync, your listings will be accurately established on dozens of reputable and pertinent sites as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management allows you to track what consumers are saying about you, improves your visibility in local search and helps you see how you stack up against the competition.

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